$100,000 Regional School Internet Grant Applications Now Open. Ends 5pm, 31 July 2021. Apply Today

$100,000 Internet
Package Grant

Launching regional Australia into
the future.

Power by Net Vault, Starlink and Cisco. A match made in heaven*

The Power of
NetVault + Starlink + Cisco
- A match made in heaven*

Starlink is a global constellation of satellites that can provide high speed, low latency Internet even where connectivity is limited, or completely non-existent — like in many regional areas across Australia.

When we add the know how of our industry experts and Cisco hardware with NetVault's seamless 4G LTE failover technology you get a telecommunications solution capable of:

  • crystal clear video conferencing
  • reliable remote learning and eHealth
  • real opportunities to work from home
  • high quality voice and video calls through the internet
  • high speed access to educational resources and much more

Net Vault, Starlink and Cisco

Why are we doing this?
Providing high speed Internet
connectivity in regional areas

Even today, internet speeds fast enough to access the technologies that would be life changing particularly in regional areas and in these uncertain times of the global pandemic, such as video conferencing, are not possible across 65% of our wide brown land.

Regional communities are disadvantaged as a result of these limitations. NetVault + Starlink + Cisco are working to change this.

Our vision is to ensure that every Australian has access to our high speed internet by the end of 2021.

About the Grant

Receive an internet and telecommunications package

The successful applicant will receive an internet and telecommunications package tailored to their specific needs consisting of all the NetVault, Cisco and Starlink hardware and know how needed to launch your regional school into the high speed internet world.

The package will be worth up to $100,000 and will include 12 months high speed internet for your school and 30 members of the school and local community. Starlink terminals (aka Dishy McFlatFace), Cisco router/s with NetVault's seamless 4G LTE failover technology, Cisco teleconferencing hardware and NetVault consulting and implementation services necessary for the deployment of the package will be included and yours to keep.

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The Criteria & How
To Apply

Eligibility Criteria

  • Australian regional schools (50km from their nearest capital city)
  • Schools with a significant Australian regional student population

How To Apply?

Eligible schools should prepare a written submission explaining in 500 words or less how NetVault + Starlink + Cisco high speed internet access would benefit your school and your community.

While not mandatory, a 2–3-minute video presentation prepared by your school community in support of your application is welcomed. By visually showcasing your school and regional community, you can go a long way to enhance the quality of your school's application overall.

Closing Date: 31 July, 2021

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