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A public cloud is one of the computing services provided by the cloud or service provider to multiple clients. Put another way, resources are available to the public through the internet in the public cloud. Public cloud consists of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services.

Maintenance performed by a trusted provider

Public cloud architecture is completely virtualised. It is easy to share your resources to the public cloud while maintaining the privacy of each user’s data.  One of the main detractions associated with the use of public clouds is that you have to manage and perform maintenance yourself. With NetVault, our skilled and reliable maintenance staff can plan, monitor, schedule and automate your public cloud maintenance.

This is despite any of your location(s), as we can retrieve relevant information remotely. This is because public cloud is accessible on any internet-connected device. Public cloud is most of the time designed with built-in redundancies to prevent data loss. It gives you the flexibility to provide and replicate data across multiple data centres to ensure smooth disaster recovery.

You’re in exceptionally safe hands with our professional team, and you can rest easy with the extra convenience they offer you in public cloud solutions.

Private cloud benefits

Cost-effective setup

Public cloud providers have multiple data centres with the most modernised hardware and software. This allows you freedom for setting up or maintaining your own cloud environment without investing too much in the operational cost.

Scalability and high capacity

Public cloud allows you to upscale or downscale your storage space as per your requirement.

Freedom of self service

Public cloud provides flexibility to the user to create their own cloud by keeping in mind their requirements. This is achieved by the API’s provided by the third-party providers. It gives you independence from the third-party providers and allows you to manage and operate by yourself.

Pay for only what you use

With the provision of public cloud you only pay what you use as it works on utility model. Public cloud has no lock-in contract.