Internet connectivity tailored for Australian businesses

Without the satisfaction of your end-user, it’s difficult for your business to thrive, if not survive, in a world driven by digital communication and media. NetVault are your partner in expediting this process. We give you options in internet connectivity that are fully customisable and adapt to the contemporary Australian landscape.

Why choose us over a large scale telco?

More support

Get the kind of support that only comes from a home-grown Aussie team of IT/ technical professionals and other support staff. At NetVault, we believe in delivering old-fashioned customer service. We might be high-tech but we'll always ensure that our customers speak to a human. Plus, access 24/7 service as required via our emergency hotline.

Faster data

Zippier page load speeds, downloads and data transfer mean great things for you and your end-user. With User-Experience (UX) being front and centre for eCommerce operators and all businesses with a digital footprint (let's face it, that's most of us), staying connected across multiple sites and networks and doing this faster than ever gives your enterprise the competitive edge.

Better deals

We're carrier agnostic and have our own data centres. Therefore, we are able to cherry-pick the best solutions for you. You don't need to pay for more data or capabilities than are necessitated. And if you're after optimal features and benefits such as higher speeds, maximum security and to eliminate downtime; we also have you covered.

Our internet services

Business 4G LTE & 5G mmWave

Business 4G LTE & 5G mmWave are next-generation technologies. Whether you are after backup for your business or more bandwidth at faster speeds, we can put advanced solutions at your fingertips.

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Business NBN

Business NBN from NetVault is reliable, secure and efficient. It also represents a rare alternative to what is offered by the major Telcos, especially now that there's no choice but to become NBN ready.

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Direct Fibre Access

Looking for the enhanced security of a bona fide one-to-one connection? Our Direct Fibre Access provides a direct fibre connection from your premise to just one other location, via weather-resistant fibre-optic cable.

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Private MPLS

All forms of Private MPLS are not always equal. At NetVault, we can guarantee a 100% private MPLS network as we own the necessary infrastructure to make this possible, i.e. our many data centres.

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Increase your bandwidth where you need it most with SD-WAN from NetVault. Achieve a more agile network without hardware expenditure. It's a game-changer!

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