Success Story

Industry: IT Managed Services Provider

Location: Orange, NSW

Customer Since: 2017


Colton Computers provides relevant, reliable IT and telephony solutions empowering small business for the Central Tablelands and Central West of New South Wales. They believe in creating better experiences for our community by helping them leverage technology. Their goal is focusing on delivering the best results for the client experience and build successful long-term relationships.

Solutions Used


Colton Computers were experiencing problems with their existing telecommunications provider.

The provider was using an open-source asterisk type VoIP platform, which had constant provisioning problems, random BLF button issues and constantly suffered from poor call quality.

Additionally, the provider’s NBN Internet was slow and unreliable, their support was substandard and Colton Computer’s clients were losing faith in the solutions that Colton Computers could deliver to them.

NetVault Solution

After meeting the team at NetVault at an industry conference (the SMB IT Professionals National Conference in 2017), Colton took the step to test NetVault’s solutions and put them head-to-head with their current provider.

Colton quickly learned that NetVault’s NBN+4G Failover solutions were rock solid in terms of reliability.

Plus, the multiple levels of redundancies implemented in the solution meant that Colton Computer clients could access services without the expensive cost associated with full business fibre internet services in regional NSW.

Colton also discovered the difference a proper enterprise-grade PBX solution can make for voice reliability.

NetVault’s hosted PBX Solutions were not only far more reliable than their previous voice provider’s but also far more cost-effective.

Coupled with the ability to create end-user PBX tenancies on the fly (through their administrative portal), meant that Colton computers could finally provide the level of service and reliability their end clients had come to expect.

When Colton Computers decided to host their own virtual machine workloads (from the server room in their office in Orange, NSW), NetVault assisted Colton in designing a triple failover solution to ensure the ultimate in performance and redundancy.

To supplement the clients they had hosted from within the Colton server room, Colton also decided to obtain Colocation space from NetVault within their DC4 Data Centre (NextDC S1). This allowed Colton to replicate data between their regional NSW office in Orange.

Benefits to Colton Computers and their clients


Reliable and cost-effective voice solutions for Colton’s own office, as well as their end clients.

Seamless Failover

Fast and reliable internet solutions, powered by NetVault and protected with 4G seamless failover in under 1 second.

Enterprise-grade solutions

Secure, enterprise-grade colocation connected back to the NetVault national MPLS network.