Success Story

Industry: IT Managed Services Provider

Location: Cairns, QLD

Customer Since: 2010


Reef Information Technology provides total IT Infrastructure management, from helpdesk technical support to vendor management. The company believes in forming long term relationships with its clients to provide them with quality IT solutions. With similar flexibility in technological skills and abilities, Reef Information Technology are able to craft and hone successful information technology systems for their clients. They bring many years of expertise in designing, supplying, implementing and maintaining IT Infrastructure solutions in order to benefit small to medium size businesses.

Solutions used


Reef IT has been utilising NetVault for Internet and WAN services since 2009.

When Reef IT won a contract to look after a client (with 20 services stations around North QLD in 2014), they naturally turned to NetVault for assistance.

NetVault solution

The end user client needed reliable and cost-effective connectivity to each site, at a time when the only viable option in north QLD was ADSL1 and ADSL2+.

NetVault designed a private MPLS solution; utilising Cisco hardware at each site and integrated this back to their DC3 data centre in Brisbane.

This solution, coupled with NetVault’s Netmon monitoring,  allowed Reef IT to deliver a reliable solution.

We made sure Reef IT staff could easily monitor and report any issues, as they occurred. This ensured that Reef IT’s SLA to the end customer was met.

When the contract for this client MPLS network came up for renewal in 2017, Reef IT (and their client) were so happy with the results from the 2014 project that they reinstated the contract for the private MPLS network once again.

This was whilst starting to take advantage of the higher bandwidth availability provided by the NBN available at some sites. Those sites that didn’t have NBN available yet could be seamlessly upgraded to NBN.

This MPLS network has yet again recently been further extended to take advantage of NetVault’s seamless 4G failover technology.

This provides an even greater degree of reliability to each site, especially compared with what a standalone NBN TC4 connection can provide.

Benefits to Reef IT and their client:


Reliable connectivity to each end-user site, which is upgradable as underlying technology changes.

Leading-edge tech

Industry-leading MPLS technology, powered by Cisco.

Seamless Failover

Seamless Failover to 4G during NBN outages and scheduled NBN maintenance windows.