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NetVault has a long history of working with and supporting Managed Service Providers (MSPs). In providing a reliable telecommunication service to your client, you can rest assured in our abilities to fulfil our part of the deal. We have experienced support consultants who know the core of the customer client network — which is the reason for our high success ratio, after all.

Brief history


Where it all started

NetVault founders first started dabbling in virtualisation in 2005, well before the term "cloud" even existed. VMware released the ESX2.5 and the data centre market stepped into virtualisation during this year.

VMware saw the potential opportunity in virtualisation and started to host virtual machines for business clients. Thus, VMvault was first envisaged.


The birth of Infrastructure-as-a-Service

In 2008, following the release of VMware Virtual Infrastructure (VI3), VMware released the ESX3.0. Consequently, their footprint expanded vastly. They had a significant increase in both their number of ESX hosts and customer hosted machines in their primary Brisbane data centre.

VMvault started providing their customer with a redundancy and replication of their VMs to the different data centres of Brisbane. The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) era had now begun.


The cloud revolution begins

VMvault experienced exceptional growth during 2010. Therefore, there was a crucial requirement to provide a high speed dedicated private connection to VMvault’s data centres. Vmware vSphere 4.0 was released this year.

VMvault also started to offer Business Fibre and Ethernet over Copper solutions into a private cloud solution using MPLS technology. The term "cloud" had become more popular than ever, and Australia was undergoing a revolution of cloud migration. VMvault rebranded slightly and became “VMvault-Secure Private Cloud”.


Expansion to Sydney and Melbourne

VMvault opened its data centres in Sydney and Melbourne in the year 2012. The company started to provision a business-level internet service. This was achieved by utilising the data centres and the high level of redundancy that the VMvault network already had.

This was the era that saw the NBN introduced to Australia. VMvault capitalised on the opportunity presented by this development and started to sign up channel partners and their end-users to various solutions.

These included Business Fibre, Business Ethernet over Copper, and other business solutions. Interlinked with VMvault cloud and IaaS infrastructure, they offered true end-to-end private cloud solutions and represented a real game-changer in the market.


New voice and NBN options

VMvault entered the telephony and voice market in 2014. The roll-out of the NBN across the country meant that traditional voice and PSTN lines would soon be replaced by VoIP and SIP.

VMvault’s channels partners were desperate to get a solution for their end customers. So, after investing a good amount of time in research and testing, VMvault finally released their VoIP and SIP telephony system. This was built on the Vodia Hosted PBX platforms.


Additional cloud services

In 2015, the term “Hybrid Cloud” was growing in popularity along with other names for cloud technologies. VMvault began to offer solutions that gave their channel partners more choice and flexibility around their deployment methods.

Microsoft Office 365 was locked up with Telstra. Due to this (and also because of a reliability issue), channel partners were not keen to go ahead with this software as an option. To solve the problem, VMvault launched a simple and cost-effective Hosted Exchange platform as a basic alternative to Office 365.

We also added solutions for offsite cloud storage. This materialised as Anchor and offsite backup replication via Veeam Cloud Connect.


Welcome to the Perth data centre

In the year 2016, VMvault opened its 8th data centre in Perth. In the same period, VMvault introduced a hosted 3CX voice option for channel partners.

This meant those who liked 3CX now benefited from the ability to move their end customer to NBN (all the while retaining the use of VMvault tried and tested internet and voice solutions). This new solution really did represent the best of both worlds.


Adding more voice options

2017 marked yet another milestone for VMvault. The addition of a third voice option around the open-source Kazoo Platform allowed those resellers familiar with the platform an easy transition to VMvault’s voice solutions.

The Kazoo platform was since retired in favour of the Vodia platform. The Vodia platform is far superior in comparison to the open-source Kazoo option, especially in terms of reliability.


Introducing NBN+4G Seamless Failover

In 2018, VMvault released a pioneering first in the Australian SMB Internet market: our NBN+4G Seamless Failover.

The solution was designed in collaboration with Cisco to bring about business-level reliability to NBN internet connections. This was made available to all existing clients as well as new clients.


Expanding data centre/voice options

As we climbed toward the end of the decade, yet another of our new data centres began its operations in Melbourne. This allowed location backup and replication services in Melbourne to be possible.

We also introduced Microsoft Teams Calling – the ability to make regular phone calls and mobile calls using Microsoft’s Office 365 and Microsoft Teams collaboration clients.

We launched our Direct Fibre Access (DFA) service which gives speeds of up to 110Gbps at a very reasonable price rate (an offering never before seen in the Australian Telecommunication Industry). This was later renamed Project Sonic.

Project Sonic allowed customers to get rid of all on-premises infrastructure, entirely regardless of the network size.


SD-WAN and 5G

We proudly entered 2020 with VMvault’s long-awaited public re-branding to NetVault. Hence, our company’s new structure was finally taking shape.

NetVault officially launching its SD-WAN solution in 2020. This would enable clients and partners to choose between the traditional MPLS or the new SD-WAN construct when connecting multiple client sites together.

SD-WAN is set to take the network industry by storm. This is akin to the way virtualisation revolutionised the data centre industry about 15 years ago (when VMvault was in its early stage).


IaaS public cloud

We expect that 2021 will witness NetVault bringing a new, low-cost public cloud service to the market. This will implement Xen, KVM and the OpenStack platform. We believe that our proposed platform will allow NetVault’s channel partners to compete with the likes of Amazon Aws and Microsoft Azure.

This is likely to surpass hosted IaaS servers (in that they don't require the high security, redundancy and private connectivity available with private cloud). The intention is that public cloud solutions are deployed in NetVault’s infrastructure, providing a new level of cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Plus, the partner/end-user stands to benefit from the standard of support and know-how that NetVault is becoming renowned for.


The sky's the limit!

What does the future hold for NetVault? Time will only tell, but if you haven’t jumped on board already, ensure that you sign up as a NetVault channel partner. Find out what the world of possibility is with NetVault – Internet, Telephony & Cloud!

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All of NetVault’s support staff are located within Australia. It is our purpose to bring innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes; while delivering fantastic support to our channel partners and their end users.

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