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4G LTE and 5G mmWave work as great alternative connection technologies when regular NBN connections are not available, or as a backup alternative to a primary internet connection. NetVault can utilise wholesale mobile frequencies to deliver an internet solution in areas that other providers can’t. In fact, we can cover over 98% of the Australian population with our high-speed wireless connections.

Yes, we can provide a static IP address

Your device can be assigned a static IP address, which usually is not readily available for this type of service. This makes for more reliable communication, especially in remote applications. When external devices or websites need to remember your IP address and trust it, a static IP address can make life that much easier!

While there is a cost associated in providing IP addresses (as a result of a number of things) we keep things affordable for you and your end-users. It’s the NetVault difference!


The virtues of 4G LTE/5G mmWave

More coverage

Enhanced 3G and 4G coverage to 98.8% of the Australian population. With NetVault, there's far less chance of missing out.

Flexibility and simplicity

Move your plans up or down, as you need them, when your usage patterns change. Services are pre-configured, so they are literally plug and play.

Fast activation

Routers and SIM cards are ready to go. Activation is in as little as four hours, in case of emergencies.

Fully routable address space

Add your own firewall or UTM and utilise the public static IP address for the easiest remote management.

Netmon monitoring statistics

Keep an eye on your service with NetVault’s Netmon. Monitor usage statistics, signal strength and even high utilisation.

24/7 Australian-based support

Speak to someone in Australia, that you can actually understand. At NetVault, we speak not only your language but your lingo.