Partnering with the best & most adaptable names in the business


We at NetVault leverage from our wide reach, wholesale carrier relationships and industry expertise. This flows on to benefit you as an MSP and, naturally, your end-users. We credit our success in building close relationships with leading tech providers as the reason for our high-level ability to offer quality, customised solutions. These offerings are essentially the “best of the bunch” and we are committed to providing them to you as our valued customer, on a wholly consistent basis.

We only deal with the best vendors, so that we can deliver the best solutions.


NextDC is the largest data centre provider in Australia. As one of NextDC’s very first customers, NetVault continues to grow its operations around all of the NextDC data centres around the country. Enterprise-grade reliability and support is the core what NextDC offers.

This is mirrored in NetVault’s very own leading-edge service offering, with perfect equilibrium.


Equinix was founded in 1998. Through rapid growth, this company now has over 220 data centres worldwide in 26 different countries. Equinix is the largest enterprise data centre provider in the world and boasts the largest worldwide footprint clients.

These include Microsoft, Google Amazon, Cisco and more. Uptime and reliability are paramount in everything Equinix, and this shows in the standard and quality of their facilities.


As the number one vendor of networking hardware and software worldwide, Cisco solutions are recognised as the gold standard within the telecommunications industry. Cisco solutions are designed for large businesses and enterprises.

This is most apparent than in their data centre range of networking technologies. Netvault uses these exclusively to power our entire core network operations.

Telstra Wholesale

Telstra Wholesale maintains the largest national network within Australia. NetVault capitalises on this to implement Telstra Wholesale into our services. We are able to offer the “last mile of connectivity."

Our access to Australia’s largest 4G LTE network, coupled with our Telstra Wholesale partnership, equips us to cover almost all of Australia with telecommunications services. This is at a fraction of the cost of typical retail services.


As Australia’s second telecommunications company (following the breakup of the Telstra monopoly), Optus has grown a large fibre and 4G LTE mobile footprint within Australia. As a wholesale customer of Optus, this translates as access to the Optus portfolio of Fibre, 4G LTE and 5G mmWave solutions.

These are tied back to NetVault’s fleet of 10 data centres around Australia. Optus has a reputation for providing great products and a great price, which NetVault can pass onto their end-users and channel partners.


VMware was founded in 1998 and is arguable the company responsible for the launch of the cloud computing era. VMware pioneered virtualisation technologies in the early 2000s. This effort lead to the creation of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Cloud Servers and the whole concept of public and private cloud.

In the enterprise space, VMware is known as the leading virtualisation software provider, powering most large enterprise server workloads. NetVault utilises VMware software for private cloud solutions and powers many internal NetVault workloads.


As one of the first computer and server manufacturers, HP has now grown into a household name worldwide. Founded in 1939, it didn't quite have the capacity to lead the software market. That was until its merger with Compaq in 2002, which proved a real gamechanger for market share and profits. It’s for this reason that HP continues to be a major supplier of server hardware for NetVault, ie. to power our cloud computing operations.

Quality and reliability of hardware have always been at the root of everything HP, and this is evident in the high-standard of NetVault’s flow-on operations.


As a relatively new player in the computer hardware market, DELL was founded in 1984. The company quickly because known as a quality, reliable and cost-effective alternative to more expensive hardware manufacturers. As DELL engineering improved over the years, and the quality and performance of their server hardware began to surpass the likes of HP.

In recent times, NetVault added DELL enterprise hardware to its cloud computing operations. DELL enterprise-level hardware solutions now make up the bulk of the NetVault server fleet.

What does this mean for you?

Close relationships with industry leaders equal better deals, which we then pass on to you.

Who’s in the vault?

We’ve worked with small businesses with 10 staff, right to up to large multinational corporations and government departments through our channel partners.

Real Estate Vision Group is a leading property management firm in regional Queensland. NetVault manages and maintains the private cloud infrastructure for staff to access key systems across multiple offices.

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