Enterprise-Grade security

NetVault DC1 is positioned in central Fortitude Valley, just a few minutes in typical travel time from Brisbane CBD. Run by Equinix under the facility name BR1, this data centre was the home to NBNCo with the Brisbane Interim POI. Previously owned and managed by Metronode before being taken over by Equinix in 2017, DC1 forms a solid foundation within the NetVault Data Centre fleet. It is complete with Enterprise-Grade Security, redundant power, redundant cooling and full network redundancy with multiple fibre paths.


Our facilities


3kW power per cabinet with a UPS configuration of 2N. Standby power redundancy of N+1 and a standby power configuration of N+1.


24/7/365 NOC Monitoring, onsite security. 24/7 CCT recording and digital archiving. Dual proximity card and biometric access control.


3kW per cabinet, N+1 redundant cooling. Temperature maintained at 22℃ (+/- 2℃). Humidity maintained at 50% (+/-5%)


Air-cooled chiller with free cooling technology, reducing water consumption. Thermally insulated data hall floors. PUE target is 1.6 at peak load.

Fire supression & monitoring

Inert gas fire suppression system. Leak detection systems. Two monitored fire escapes. Distributed fire alarm control equipment


Diverse underground cable pathways to the building. Dedicated interconnect room for cable connections. Access to choose of 50+ carrier networks.


Uptime Institute Tier III Design. ISO9001:2015, ISO27001:2013


Breakout room, sound proof boardroom, TV and kitchen facilities, guest bathrooms, vending machine.


Guest parking onsite, street parking around facility, secure parking adjacent facility.

Have a look
inside the core

The data centre is the most important aspect of our operation & we’re proud of what we have.

Take a look at the inside of NetVault DC1 to see our infrastructure, and the power of the cloud in action.