Equip your business with the most direct connection to the Internet

NetVault’s Direct Fibre Access (DFA) allows businesses to connect to NetVault’s data centres using optic fibre. This bypasses the location telephone exchange, meaning the cost of providing the internet circuit (from Australia’s incumbent Telco) is avoided. Bandwidths start from 100Mbps and go up to 1,000Mbps. 10Gbps is available in certain scenarios. While the service is similar to Project Sonic, DFA uses active nodes within the CBDs to deliver the service to the client premises.

High performance with impressive bandwidth

Direct Fibre Access (DFA) is a high-speed internet solution to accelerate your business operations. Due to the direct nature of the product, performance for DFA is high.

Control exactly where your DFA bandwidth is allocated to better meet your business’s needs. Dedicate all 1000Mbps to internet and run your services (such as Voice) over the top. Or, opt to split your bandwidth across dedicated SIP voice, cloud or private networking services. The choice is yours.

Direct Fibre Access advantages

High performance

NetVault Business DFA runs on a dedicated high-performance fibre network. This means that no residential or consumer-grade users share your bandwidth.

Enterprise grade service

NetVault DFA brings Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to the table with a default 8 hour restore targets for faults on the service. This can be upgraded to a Premium 2-hour SLA target to give you and your clients that additional peace-of-mind.

Scalability and adaptability

Being Fibre Optic based, there is theoretically no limit to how fast a Fibre Internet service can go. Services can be easily upgraded and downgraded as your needs grow, or contract.

Unlimited data

All our Business Fibre Ethernet services are free of CVC or other restraints that would otherwise limit our ability to provide unlimited Internet data. Bandwidth hungry applications are never an issue with Business Fibre Ethernet.

Symmetrical speeds

Made for business, DFA is available from a 100Mbps bandwidth profile, all the way up to a 1000Mbps (1Gbps) bandwidth profile. The fastest internet connections in Australia run on NetVault Business Fibre Ethernet.

4G LTE backup or failover

NetVault’s NBN Enterprise Ethernet is available with 4G LTE backup or failover that can kick in as fast as 1 second. This is while keeping the same public static IP address, with no 4G LTE data costs. Clients with very high uptime requirements can be kept safe from backhoe diggers or backhaul failures.

Netmon monitoring statistics

All NetVault services include Netmon monitoring, which provides detailed analysis via SNMP and Netflow. This allows channel partners and their end users access to vast information to analyse and troubleshoot their internet service.

Weather proof

Rain, hail or shine, DFA is unaffected by weather conditions that can plague some service types, ie. ones that are copper-based. Short of a power outage, or a rouge backhoe, there is not much that can come between you and your data with DFA.

Free installation

If you or your client’s business is located within a CBD or metro area, chances are you could be eligible for a free installation on your NetVault Business Fibre Ethernet service.

24/7 Australian Based Support

We are all about Australian staff supporting Australian businesses. All NetVault support staff are located on shore, here in Australia, and our Network Operations Centre (NOC) runs 24/7/365 so you are never on your own.

When Direct Fibre Access matters…

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