Connect your business to the future with Business NBN


Modern life is calling for faster and more powerful communication frameworks in order to keep people connected. This encompasses the roll-out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) as an Australian wholesale open-access data network. With Business NBN from NetVault, you will empower your network capabilities so they can keep ahead of the curve of technological transformation, for now, and far into the future.

Act now before you are disconnected.

The NBN rollout is occurring on a region-by-region basis. Telstra has what is known as ‘the migration window’ which is an 18-month period from the Region Ready for Service Date (RRFSD). During the migration window (which most regions are now well into their way in to), all copper services subject to disconnection should be migrated to the NBN network.

This is essential in order for all service providers to maintain service with their end-user. A plan to transitioning service from Telstra’s legacy copper and HFC network to the NBN network in a non-negotiable task for your company and we at NetVault can make this easier for you.

More options in NBN connectivity

Choice of speeds

Choose a speed that's optimised for your usage. This means you can avoid the risk of being locked into a higher tier and effectively spending money where it's not needed.

Uptime guarantee

NetVault boast 99.999% network uptime SLA, so far less downtime equals a higher level of user satisfaction and an uninterrupted flow of sales.

Plans with static IP

Static IP addresses remain the same and can't be moved between ISPs. This makes for communication that is more reliable and considerably more secure.

Optional extras

Choose a plan that includes unlimited data, or a data tier that best suits your anticipated needs. We can also provide a modem or you might be able to BYO, just consult with us to assess your best approach.

The edge in Business NBN