Grow your network capabilities as you expand your business


Say goodbye to unstable data and delays with Business Ethernet from NetVault. Our fibre business internet connection solutions are available in two tiers. Both are one-to-one contended and allow you to choose your level of speed and bandwidth. It’s the kind of flexibility your business is calling out for.

Opt for either our standard or premium services

Choose a fibre business internet connection solution tier to match your business’s specific needs. So, whether you’re a large company or a tight-knit family business, you can get a reliable connection without having to pay for more than you need to.

Of course, you’ll avoid the typical costs associated with the major Telcos. With NetVault, Business Ethernet just makes total sense.

Business Ethernet features

Choice of speed plans

Opt between two tiers of Business Ethernet service from NetVault, with both offering optimal speeds. Our Premium Plan is a guaranteed speed plan for businesses who have absolutely no room for compromise.

Symmetrical speeds

Symmetrical speeds (equal upload and download speeds) makes Business Ethernet ideal for large offices with multiple users. If you have a workplace of people simultaneously accessing high-def video, web conferences, Google Docs etc. — you'll need much more than what an at-home network connection can offer.

Dedicated bandwidth

Rather than bandwidth being spread-to-thin across multiple users (which becomes a clear issue when your workforce is expanding) with dedicated bandwidth, you can send and receive to just one user. This equals the capacity for more data at better speeds.

Emergency business support

When you source your Business Ethernet from NetVault, you'll benefit from dedicated business support. This includes our emergency line which is available after-hours. We're always on-hand to keep your business connected.