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Advanced features in a phone system for businesses at an affordable cost

A Hosted PBX is a phone system that uses cloud infrastructure to connect your business phones via your internet connection. It is a reliable, flexible and secure service for a business that uses VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and reduces maintenance costs. Selecting a NetVault hosted PBX service provides you with the freedom to interpret your own telephony feature requirements and allows you to get advanced capabilities at a very reasonable cost.

Your choice of handsets, or bring your own

Free your business from old legacy phone systems, and move your phone system to the cloud without the high costs or typical complexity. Have a look at some of our packages.

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Hosted PBX standard features

Ring groups

A group of numbers that can be called simultaneously by calling a ring group, eg. different department areas.

Caller ID

A custom Caller ID can be used when making outbound calls to users, eg. using the company’s main numbers by every employee on outbound calls.

Auto attendant

Auto Attendant enables users to be transferred to an extension by using a menu system through an auto attendant, rather than by an operator.

Hunt group

Hunt group contains a group of members that receive calls from a single phone number. It then distributes the call with another group of users who are available to pick up.

Agent group

Agent Group, commonly known as a call queue, is a feature within the system that allows for call routing. Callers are placed inside a queue which allows incoming calls to be dealt with in an order that depends on your settings.

Call forward busy & no answer

This feature diverts the call to another number if the primary called line is busy or not answered.


Do Not Disturb allows all the incoming calls to be redirected to voicemail or rejected. They can also be redirected to another extension number.

Call park/pickup

This allows a user to park a call (put on hold) without specifying a receiving extension, and then allows any user to pick up the call from any extension number within the company.

Music on hold

Music On Hold feature allows you to play music to your Hosted PBX while a customer is on hold. It can either be a simple music or custom music/message.

Voicemail (to email)

This feature allows you to receive voicemails directly to your email inbox.

Conference room

This feature can be used to set up conference calls. Users can join rooms through extension numbers by providing room PIN numbers.

Thousands of companies worldwide rely on our Hosted PBX software for all of their Unified Communications needs: