Enterprise Grade performance and reliability

Business NBN Enterprise Ethernet (EE) is a product designed for Australian businesses that need the best performing internet delivered over high-speed Fibre Optic cables. NBN EE is the flagship product from NBNCo and represents the pinnacle in performance and reliability. It’s for those businesses that demand the ultimate from their telecommunications networks.


The Rolls-Royce of internet connections.

Business Enterprise Ethernet is the NBN service that provides high-speed internet with a 99.95% network availability and speed close to 1Gbps. It runs upon a complete fibre network, delivering a premium grade service for premium grade businesses.

NetVault offers NBN Enterprise Ethernet Australia wide, serviced by our 10 data centres located in every major capital city. This is backed by our Australian based support team. So you can be confident that you and your client are getting the service and support that you need for your NBN Enterprise Ethernet service.

Why NBN Enterprise Ethernet?

High performance

NBN EE runs on a high-performance fibre network that represents the future for Australian businesses and their connectivity.

Enterprise grade service

NBN EE brings Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to the table with a default 12 hour restore targets for faults on the service. This can be upgraded to a Premium 4 hour SLA target to give you and your clients that additional peace-of-mind. Offers a 99.95% uptime SLA guarantee.

Scalability and adaptability

Available in three classes of services (CoS), we can scale your network solution, with the three options of Standard CoS, Medium CoS or High CoS. Bandwidth profiles are available from 10Mbps, right up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps). This makes our NBN EE Internet services adaptable to businesses large and small.

Symmetrical speeds

Made for business, the advantage of NBN EE (among many other things) is in its symmetrical upload and download speeds. For example, this means you can upload and distribute content as easily as you can consume it.

4G LTE backup or failover

NetVault’s NBN Enterprise Ethernet is available with 4G LTE backup or failover that can kick in as fast as 1 second, while keeping the same public static IP address. With no 4G LTE data costs, this can keep those clients with very high uptime requirements safe from backhoe diggers or backhaul failures.

Netmon monitoring statistics

All NetVault services include Netmon monitoring, which provides detailed analysis via SNMP and Netflow. This allows channel partners and their end users access to vast information to analyse and troubleshoot their internet service.

eCommerce capabilities

With eCommerce capabilities being more and more critical for modern businesses, NBN EE offers the increased speed and reliability that a data-intensive digital environment demands

Geographical reach

The vast reach of the NBN network within Australia means that NBN EE is available in areas typical uneconomical to service via a proper business Ethernet fibre connection.

VR and AR ready

Immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are definitely making their presence known, in not only gaming but in many constantly expanding applications. The roll-out of these advancements brings extensive data requirements, which NBN Enterprise Ethernet is equipped to handle.

Free installation

For a limited time, the Australian government is offering free installations for NBN EE services in certain areas. So, this is a perfect time to invest in your own businesses and its telecommunication assets.

24/7 Australian based support

We are all about Australian staff supporting Australian businesses. All NetVault support staff are located on shore, here in Australia, and our Network Operations Centre (NOC) runs 24/7/365 so you are never on your own.

NBN Enterprise Ethernet fact sheet

Enhance your business’s connectivity with Enterprise Ethernet.

Download a copy of the NBN Enterprise Ethernet fact sheet here:

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