Secure and balanced wide-range connectivity, now at your fingertips.


Today, enterprises have become communication hubs, where network administrators must make decisions around the right transport paths to balance performance, availability and security for applications. Our cutting-edge SD-WAN technology combines multiple low-cost internet connections into a single, faster, and more reliable connection.

Select from three product vendors:

  1. Cisco: Cisco SD-WAN onRamp gives you enhanced, automated connectivity to IaaS and PaaS cloud environments. This is without forcing you into existing multitenant gateways or a time-consuming manual process. Cisco SD-WAN offers instant visibility into cloud traffic, control over deployment, and the convenience of automated management.
  2. Huawei: a SD-WAN solution that is purpose-built to provide full-scenario on-demand interconnections between branches, data centres and the cloud etc. It’s a reliable and flexible all-scenario interconnection. Uses any combination of MPLS, Internet, and 3G/LTE links through Hybrid Bonding technology.
  3. Replify: Replify specialise in producing software-based WAN solutions to help reduce bandwidth consumption and improve application performance. This is a pure software-based heritage solution that makes adding WAN optimisation as a virtual function to your SD-WAN easier.

What to know about SD-WAN

More flexibility

SD-WAN may provide greater flexibility and agility, alongside improved user experience. Bond different technologies across different carriers. You are empowered through data acceleration and link behaviour adaption.

Lower cost, with security

SD-WAN is a solution that lowers operational costs and improves resource usage for your multi-site deployments. You get the performance and security benefits of packet level link balancing plus multiple tunnel encryption ciphers, traffic authentication and third party integrations for UTM and other security appliances.

Increased bandwith

With SD-WAN your network administrators are able to use bandwidth more efficiently and ensure the highest possible level of performance for critical applications. This is all without sacrificing security or data privacy.

Bypass hardware, with no compromise on reliability

Due to the setup of its virtual architecture, SD-WAN doesn’t require specialised hardware, so there's no large upfront investment required. NetVault SD-WAN features LTE Failover, with no IP or DNS changes needed. Plus, high availability CPE latency and jitter avoidance.

NetVault included extras

NetVault take your SD-WAN much further by layering a centralised firewall, end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS), and WAN monitoring management. Our WAN management includes IP address management, real-time alerts and performance and usage reports.

It's more than a trend

Did you know that the global SD-WAN market is predicted to grow in leaps and bounds? The International Data Corporation (IDC) reports that by 2023, the sector is anticipated to be worth a tidy $5.25 billion. Why not consider future-proofing your network capabilities today?