Get the reliability and security that comes with Private MPLS


Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) refers to data forwarding technology which facilitates a far better flow of network traffic. Data is forwarded via a direct path, rather than by the traditional routing system. MPLS is faster, uses bandwidth optimally, and outperforms VPN overall. This is especially in terms of packet loss and latency.

Fast and secure data sharing over a truly private network

MPLS is a private connection that is typically used to link data centres and branch offices. it is much faster than traditional IP routing. MLS methodology is founded on the label allowing the forwarding (rather than switching) of packets.

It is more efficient as it circumvents the overloading of the CPU. For this reason and others, such as the added security of a private network, MPLS is very popular with larger companies.

The difference with Private MPLS

100% private connection

NetVault's Private MPLS solutions allow your business lightning-fast data transfer over a 100% private connection, as facilitated by our data centres.

Transfer data swiftly & securely between sites

With Private MPLS, your staff can share anything they need to (this will happen swiftly even across multiple sites). You have complete assurance of data confidentiality and network security.

Network performance guarantee

Your connections are managed by NetVault in-house. This means we have control over (and can therefore guarantee) optimal network performance for your business.

All connections in the one place

All your connections are controlled through the one place, rather than multiple service providers (this is the biggest difference between Private MPLS and SD-WAN).

Multiple location-friendly

With Private MPLS, businesses with multiple offices, branches or locations can all be connected over the one secure and reliable network. It's a highly convenient option.