Reliable connectivity and calls for businesses on-the-go


NetVault provides 3CX in a hosted platform, running from any of their 10 Australian enterprise-grade data centres, Australia-wide. This provides you with the best connectivity to your Hosted PBX system, with low latency, and fantastic reliability. Features include Web-based Management Console/Client Portal, Auto Attendant, Conference Calls, Intercom, Voicemail to Email, Music on Hold, and much more.

3CX Features:


Web-based Management Console, Web-based Client Portal & Auto Attendant, Central Phonebook, Intercom, Conference Call

Call Routing by DID, Call Transfer and Parking, Simultaneous Ring – Mobile & Extension, Barge In / Listen In / Whisper

Hunt Groups/Queues, Call Forward on Busy or No Answer, Click to Call Functionality, Call Recording Functionality

Call Reporting, Inbuilt Fail Over Functionality, Automatic Provisioning of Devices

Softphone App available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Voicemail to Email, Music on Hold.

NetVault offers three base 3CX plans that suit 90% of Australian businesses. These plans are based and sized on the number of Simultaneous Calls (SC) that the 3CX system is designed to take.

Plans over 32 SC are available, please contact us for information and pricing on all our Hosted 3CX Plans.

Product Options3CX-VM-4SC3CX-VM-8SC3CX-VM-16SC3CX-VM-24SC3CX-VM-32SC
3CX EditionStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Simultaneous Calls48162432
Included DIDs11111
SIP Lines/Channels48162432
Business Max (All national/Mobile Calls Included)OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

Implementation example:

NetVault can customise your 3CX deployment to suit your individual business requirements. A common example of a 3CX scenario is:

Hosted 3CX benefits


NetVault’s Hosted 3CX platform is hosted within NetVault’s pool of data centres on VMware Enterprise-Grade Clusters.


Hosted within our own private cloud platform and based on Debian Linux, 3CX is constantly updated for the latest features, security updates and bugfixes.


Our hosted 3CX system goes where you go. Use the 3CX app on your mobile phone to make and answer calls while you are out and about. Or you can even install the 3CX Windows app on your PC at home to work from home.


Our Australian based support team can help you configure and setup your 3CX system, as needed. You can even select the fully managed option for truly hassle-free operation.


The 3CX web interface is simple to use. Our team of experts will spin it up and test it for you. Then, we hand the reins over to you.


In addition to the nightly configuration backup from 3CX, NetVault takes a daily full VMware image-level backup of the server. You have the peace of mind that, should something go pear-shaped; a full system restore is only 5 minutes away.


By utilising NetVault SIP trunks, a hosted 3CX system avoids the expensive ISDN and PSTN networks of the big telephone carriers.


Need to increase or decrease your staff count? No worries! This is exactly what cloud-based systems were designed for. Scale-up and scale-down your 3 CX system as needed.

NetVault are your 3CX Certified Experts

NetVault is 3CX Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Certified with most of our support staff having completed these certifications: