NetVault is the most experienced Starlink installation and integration company in Australia.

Our unique Starlink installation designs are durable, reliable, and designed to protect your Starlink satellite investment for years to come. Our licensed technicians are 100% insured and certified and know how to secure the best possible satellite Internet connection for your location.

Our custom designed masts are made of galvanised steel, making them durable, sturdy, and ideal for colour-bond roofing. They can extend up to 10 metres high, with tiled roof options also available.

Our Installation Process

Desk Assessment

A Starlink installation expert will review your site remotely using satellite image data and site photos to determine the best Starlink mount type, height and dish location.

Quote & Recommendations

Our team will then then present a detailed, written quote with the recommendations from the desk assessment.

On-Site Visit & Starlink Installation

Our installation technician will visit your site and begin your Starlink installation, along with any add-ons you have chosen, such as our 4G LTE seamless failover solution. Our Australian based technical support team will also be available to answer any questions post install.