Success Story

Industry: IT Managed Services Provider

Location: Sydney, NSW

Customer Since: 2009


Correct Solutions provides Managed IT Services, Cloud Computing, Voice & Data (VoIP/SIP), Project Services and Procurement solutions for large and small companies. They believe in growing their customers’ knowledge by providing them with information and upskilling so that they feel empowered to make the correct IT decisions.


Correct Solutions had an end client that needed a secure hosting provider to host their public-facing websites. This was at a time when the current large hyperscale providers like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure did not have a presence within Australia.

The solution needed to include a reliable daily backup for the entire operation, and well as to support a regular hourly incremental image backup from the backup software, ShadowProtect (that could be replicated offsite).

NetVault solution

NetVault designed a solution for Correct Solutions whereby the production workloads could be run on the NetVault Private Cloud infrastructure, with daily backups taken care of by the NetVault Private Cloud.

The additional requirement for the regular hourly incremental is to be stored on secondary storage, within the NetVault Private Cloud solution.

Benefits to Correct Solutions and their end user:


Reliable, private server hosting, away from the pitfalls of typical public cloud hyperscale providers.

Local support

Direct support from NetVault’s Australian-based support team.

More control

Direct access to the VMware vSphere Enterprise console for full server monitoring and control.

Disaster recovery

Quarterly Disaster Recovery and backup testing that is part of the NetVault Private Cloud.

Monitoring & statistics

Monitoring and usage statistics from NetVault’s Netmon.