Success Story

Industry: Wholesale Distribution

Location: Australia Wide

Customer Since: 2016


DPO is a leading wholesale distributor in the building industry who supply quality products to customers across Australia. They supply superior service to all customers through their counter staff, sales managers and delivery drivers.


DPO came to NetVault in 2016, when their channel partner got fed up with waiting for their current provider (one of the largest in Australia), to implement their new private MPLS network.

Six months after DPO had signed their contracts with the provider, they had only delivered a single site. All that DPO had was a useless network and empty promises.

Add to this a failed unified voice communications rollout (that the same provider couldn’t get functional during the MPLS rollout) meant that DPO desperately needed a proper telecommunications solution.

NetVault solution

NetVault were able to design a better, faster and more cost-effective solution than what their current provider had failed to deliver. Within three months from project sign off, all 10 sites for DPO were online and active.

Even as more sites came online, NetVault were able to quickly deploy the new sites and even used improved 4G failover services to each site to further improve the services, all whilst mid contract.

Voice services were also successfully deployed as part of the overall project for DPO. All staff at DPO now enjoy using the new unified communications voice solution. This allows all staff to easily call other staff members at other offices, see presence information and be able to seamlessly transfer calls between different DPO offices.

A further extension to DPO’s operation came about with the onsite server infrastructure at DPO coming up to the end of its useful life. Instead of simply purchasing more onsite server hardware, DPO decided to re-deploy their server workloads within the NetVault Private Cloud.

This was deployed one server at a time in a Hybrid Cloud model, until all local onsite servers within the DPO head office were migrated to NetVault’s data centres. Thereby creating a pure private cloud infrastructure that DPO could now work with.

DPO (and the channel partner) were so impressed with the project management and site rollout by NetVault, that when the Private MPLS contract came up for renewal in 2019, DPO selected NetVault to continue with providing the services. On the service and contract renewal, DPO were presented two options: 1. – a new Cisco private MPLS network, or 2. – a Huawei Private SD-WAN network.

The SD-WAN network rollout went smoothly and DPO and their channel partner now enjoy the utilisation of a new, higher speed private SD-WAN network. This network provides all the benefits SD-WAN can bring an organisation.

Benefits to DPO and the channel partner:


Reliable, private server hosting, not on the public internet.

Lower spend

Lower total telecommunications spend on both network and telephony.

Local support

Direct support from NetVault’s Australian-based support team.

More control

Direct access to the VMware vSphere Enterprise console for full server monitoring and control.

Disaster recovery

Quarterly disaster recovery and backup testing that is part of the NetVault Private Cloud.

Monitoring & statistics

Monitoring and usage statistics from NetVault’s Netmon.