Success Story

Industry: Earthmoving

Location: Brisbane, QLD

Customer Since: 2008


Eagle Alliance is the largest general hire earthmoving company in southeast Queensland with over 30 years’ experience. They have built their philosophy on providing outstanding service by consistently supplying experienced contractors with quality machinery on every job. Their knowledge and expertise set them apart from the rest.

Solutions used


Eagle Alliance were struggling with remote access to their internal systems. Their 250 sub-contractors were unable to reliably access the Eagle Alliance cloud apps while in the field.

This, coupled with the high costs they were paying for their legacy phone system, meant a new approach to their telecommunications was required. The MSP looking after Eagle Alliance reached out to NetVault for assistance.

NetVault solution

NetVault investigated the possibility of an NBN TC4 internet service for their office. However, initial tests of the NBN HFC network in the area showed the reliability of this solution was well below the requirements for Eagle Alliance.

While NetVault’s Seamless 4G failover solution could have been deployed to address this reliability, Eagle Alliance needed a higher-performing and more reliable user experience than what NBN could provide.

The deployed solution for Eagle Alliance was a Business Fibre+4G Failover solution, which allowed internal staff and contractors in the field to work through any regular outage.

The solution was deployed utilising carrier redundancy on the Primary and Secondary links.

The new network also enabled Eagle Alliance to finally deploy out a reliable VoIP solution. This would allow staff to communicate with each other whilst in the field.

The VoIP Solution saved their monthly telecommunications spend of 55%, compared to their previous Telstra based ISDN phone system.

Watch this video showcasing our Business Ethernet Fibre+4G Failover solution for Eagle Alliance:

Benefits to Eagle Alliance and their channel partner

Lower spend

Overall telecommunications spend decrease of 55%.


Reliable, high-speed internet, with built in 4G failover that activates in under 1 second, perfect for remote users in the field.

Remote workplace friendly

A new telephony solution allowing greater collaboration with staff, including the ability to work from home.

Monitoring & statistics

Monitoring and usage statistics from NetVault’s Netmon.